Meet Our Team

Evelyn Mills


Evelyn Mills is the founder and chief maestro of parent company Marriage Maestros – a world-renowned wedding and event consultancy that specializes in luxury wedding and events throughout Hong Kong, Bali, China and Southeast Asia.

As a leading expert on East-meets-West weddings and modern day Chinese banquets, Evelyn is acknowledged as one of the world’s premier industry specialists. In addition to designing and planning weddings, Evelyn shares her 15 years of experience and knowledge speaking at international luxury wedding summits and conferences; her company also offers coaching sessions and workshops on Chinese Weddings to industry professionals and wedding venues around the world.

Tammy Lee

Wedding Director

With a Bachelor’s in Hotel and Event Management, Tammy first started her career in the hospitality industry where she gained a deep appreciation for high standards of service.

Possessing a diligent work ethic and natural ability to lead and motivate people, it came as no surprise when Tammy eventually established her own wedding planning business in 2005 and consequently from there, founded ‘AIEP’ — Akiss International Event Planning – a certified event planning program taught by Longevity’s Wedding Planning Institute (LWPI)-certified course instructors that is recognised throughout Hong Kong, Macau, China, Canada and the USA.

Tammy’s nurturing personality resonates with all those she meets, allowing her to build long-lasting relationships with her clients and team members alike. It was fated for Tammy to take on the leading role at Wedding Maestros when she met founder, Evelyn Mills in 2014; from there the two have built one of the most solid planning teams in the region – all of whom are certified AIEP planners – and they have never looked back since.

When she is not busy with planning or teaching, Tammy enjoys practicing Taichi, cooking and spending time with friends and family over a nice bottle of wine.

John Yip

Senior Wedding Organiser

With over 5 years’ experience in planning weddings, John is our most senior maestro and a valued member of the Wedding Maestros team.

Having graduated from journalism school, John started his career in the service industry where he developed a strong interest in planning weddings. From there, his penchant for planning celebrations and profound desire to make people happy grew. Naturally, weddings became his calling and he eventually diversified his career path, gravitating towards what he feels most passionate about and we are thrilled to have him as a valued member of our team.

John’s other interests include dabbling in analogue photography, theatre performances and wining and dining.

Kathy Lau

Wedding Organiser

It was the creative aspect and visual aesthetics of weddings that first piqued Kathy’s interest in wedding planning. As an academically trained architect, Kathy first began her career in Public & Investor Relations and has since followed her heart onto a path towards wedding planning.

Affable and outgoing, Kathy is a natural when it comes to relating to people from all walks of life. With a trained eye for detail and professional discipline in aesthetics, her combined abilities and skillsets enable Kathy to perfect her craft to a tee.

As one of many dog-lovers on the team, Kathy loves spending time with her dogs and spending time with her friends.

Whitney Too

Wedding Organiser

With over 7 years’ experience in Public Relations under her belt, Whitney is highly adept when it comes to organising and facilitating events. Whitney’s passion for planning and interest in styling, eventually led her to start a career in wedding planning in 2011.

Dedicated, thoughtful and caring, our ever-cheerful Whitney is well-liked by her clients and her teammates alike.

In her spare time, Whitney’s nurturing nature continues to call upon her as a volunteer for youth outreach programs; she also enjoys all forms of performing arts – including dance, drama and theatre.

Phoebe Wong

Wedding Coordinator

Phoebe’s passion for weddings developed very early on – after earning herself a degree in International Business, Phoebe jumped straight onto a career path in wedding decorating right out of school! Today, with over 2 years’ experience in the wedding field, Phoebe is budding maestro and proud member of our team.

As another avid dog-lover on the team, Phoebe enjoys being in the company of canines, spending time with family and volunteer work.

Klarus Lam

Wedding Coordinator

As a Science major, Klarus is naturally inclined and academically trained towards being a logical-minded and detail-oriented person – valuable skillsets that she applies to her new vocation as a wedding planner. Having completed one year in the field, Klarus is one of our newest maestros on the team.

An advocate for children’s education, Klarus enjoys dancing and organising parties in her spare time.

Crystal Cheung

Wedding Coordinator

Like her teammate Klarus, Crystal is also one of the newest members on our team, having joined the industry in 2015. As a Business Administration graduate, Crystal is methodical and exact in her approach to event planning – crucial assets when it comes to preparing budgets and scheduling detailed programs.

Another dog-lover, Crystal enjoys painting, acting and cooking in her spare time.